Tuesday, September 11, 2007

John E. Coleman

Omaha Conference #2

This past weekend I traveled to Omaha, Nebraska to meet with Pastor John again for a second time at the house of the host Miguel Soto. The last time PJ (*Pastor John from this point on will be referred to as PJ) came to Omaha was in February 2007 in which I attended as well. The more I get to know PJ I love him all the more. I must admit the first time he visited I was a bit apprehensive partly because the way I had become accustomed to the pastors in our culture. I thought deep down what is his motive; We are not giving him money, so I was waiting for him to ask us for a penny or two and somehow manipulate the scriptures to get $$ from us. Well the conference was over and he said nothing about money whatsoever. I said, "maybe his motive is pure?" I say all this because this 63 yr old man(PJ) comes to Omaha, pays for his own ticket and then teaches us theology from the Bible. When was the last time your hear something so crazy? Ministry for free, certainly he is not from the Word of Faith camp!!

PJ has a strong desire to teach people of God theology and basics of theology regardless of the cost. We all know that theology is lacking not only in the black church but for all churches. The church has been duped for too long. I go to a great sound church now, but before that I had been in church all my life and have never heard even a hint of Calvinism, Doctrines of Grace, Saint Augustine, Martin Luther, or anything of the early church fathers or the reformation. Yes I am black and reformed and have seen the Sovereign work of God in my life and many others to point us to the true Gospel of Christ and I owe him my everything. He and He alone is worthy of all my praise. Ok back to PJ.

If you would think of Apostle Paul or even Christ, could you hear them asking for money to preach the Gospel? Of course they are worthy of it, but there love for the brethren would propel them to preach the Gospel at all cost. In this I love PJ all the more because he aspires to emulate the attributes of God and the Apostles. I put PJ at the same level as John Macarthur in his teachings depth with the tenacity and heart of Paul Washer. Just a great man. I know too well not to praise man over God, so as much as I love PJ and thank God for using him as an instrument to bring me out of my ignorance-I still give praise to God for his sovereign work in PJ and in all the saints alike. PJ is not like most pastors. At my old Word Of Faith church and at many of them I know: the pastor will not just go out to eat with or just hang with the common laymen.(i hate this term because it makes it seem as if the laymen cannot be as gifted in other areas of ministry aside from preaching) After PJ taught us we went out to a Christian bookstore and he showed us a couple of great books to use for study and thereafter we went to dinner and (the group)spent the whole day together up until about 11pm since he was not leaving until Sunday morning. He acted as if we were just his friends(in which we are) and did not esteem himself more highly than us with his strong theological background or experience as a pastor for many many years.

I intend on having PJ in Kansas City one of these days but most likely it will be next year since PJ is scared of the snow. Sounds kind of like Elijah when he was running from Jezebel huh. Man up PJ!!!! LOL Love you older brother.