Monday, January 21, 2008

Got the Holy Ghost?

Wow I can recall when I used to attend a church like this. I would not recommend watching the entire video cause after about the first 3 minutes it only gets worse and just repetitious. When I attended I was never the one running the isles or catching those who did not have self-control, rather I was the one on the the keyboard and organ keeping it all going and being pushed on by the pastor to keep up the paste or give him more volume. It is a shame that these kid sinners are simply imitating what they have become accustom to view as the "CHURCH." It is my prayer that these little ones are saved but.....

Pray that people likes the ones in this video would start to think critically about the Faith and how are these actions in line with scripture. Is anyone being edified by this behavior and is this order in church or amongst believers. I would say no but would love to hear some thoughts on this-God Bless in Christ