Monday, February 4, 2008

Romans 7?

The common view of Romans chapter 7 typically is that Paul is speaking of himself as a believer and his stuggle with sin. I honestly have a hard time with that based of off chapter 6 and then chapter 8. My pastor's son Bryan Elliff(18 years old) teaches Wednesday night Bible study for the teenagers and makes some compelling arguments for the opposing view. The beauty of being young and in the Faith is the fact that(we) unlike many older guys in the Faith, do not have a lot of faulty pressuppositions about many topics.

Check out 1(Romans 7:14-25: “Sin Became Alive and I Died” Part 1) and 2(Romans 7:14-25: “Sin Became Alive and I Died” Part 2) of his studies so far. I couldn't link his blog article because I think he a older style blog to where you can't link the articles directly but I will give you his site and you can scroll through to find these articles-God Bless in Christ

His site is