Saturday, October 18, 2008


I absolutely love sharing the Gospel of Christ. Our fellowship of believer’s decided we needed to search for an outlet in our community to begin sharing this message that so dramatically changed our hearts and our lives. Unlike most churches, we don’t go out and say, “Come to our church and it’ll be great.” No sir!! We take the church to them, knowing that from the scriptures the time of fellowship(we call the church) is for the Body of Christ. I cannot remember the last time I invited someone to my church with the exception of my family when they come in town.

About 3 months ago myself and the elder at our fellowship found a (so called) ministry to begin to go to and share. This ministry was a group home established to house about 7-10 young men who had problems with family or just troubled lives. This was located about 15 minutes from where we live and was in the “inner city.” The children had horrible stories to tell from watching their siblings be molested by step-parents to having parents who were addicted to drugs. This organization was a Christian based organization who supposedly hired church members who we soon came to discover where just that-”church members.”

We soon began going to these young men and pouring our hearts out week after week, taking them various places to do fun things but also to establish a relationship with them as well. Our first incident we took them to McDonald’s just to get to know and their chaperon came along who was also supposed to be a Christian. We gave them the raw deal about their total depravity and desperate need for a Savior-Christ. The chaperon quietly sat their and did not say a peep. All of these young men were forced to go to church with everyone from the group home and what they saw made them subtly come to abhor Christianity without even knowing it. They were seeing the staff at the group home play church on Sunday and then go back to the group home and live their lives totally separate from what they were instructed from the scriptures.

Unfortunately they attended a Word of Faith-Prosperity Church but from this experience week after week they began to develop a false view of a Christian life. We began to go through the scriptures and talk about the converted heart and true Christianity. We did not realize that we were describing the staff in which these children lived with day after day. Being children ages 14-19 in age; this truth liberated them & I assume they began to launch these truths at the staff. I can imagine the staff did not enjoy this.
This being a month in a half ago we have been struggling to get time with these youngsters. We meet with them weekly and have scheduled time with them on at least 3 occasions were the staff did not arrange the time correctly(probably purposely) and when we get to the residence they are doing something else at another location. Very frustrating for us since we are taking time away from our schedules to do this on our days off normally.

Nothing super theological here-just asking for your prayers for these young men and the seeds we have sowed with them. The group home name is “WATCM” and it stands for “Where are the Christian Men.”